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Long Weekend = Geocaching

Well I had to share my wonderful weekend with my family and a very dear old friend and her family.  It was fantastic and very much needed.  One aspect of the trip I want to share with my readers.

On our journey to Morgan we decided to do some geocaching.  This is something I introduced my step children (and my fiancé) about 12 months ago.  They love it!  It is relatively easy to start up and the only real cost to start is purchasing a GPS.  You can do it without one but you may prove to be more successful with one.

With our newly registered geocache name (we have registered as a family unit) I put together a little booklet of some geocaches we might find over the weekend.  We managed to find seven.  One beat us this time around but we will head back sometime to find it.

The fantastic thing I find about this “game” is the low cost, it’s fun for all the family and it teaches you so much about areas that may have never noticed and are literally within your neighbourhood.

In the next day or so I will share some photos of our glorious weekend.