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Diesel: Garden Manager…


So finally I have garlic estabilished and growing quite well.  The lemon tree has not succumbed to anymore harrassment from Diesel.  In fact the garden is coming together quite well at the moment.

Diesel is managing to chew up his own toys (has chewing and disecting tennis balls down to a fine art) and bedding and while that is a pain to be constantly picking up after him, I already do it for 4 children so whats another 4-legged child?  He has also decided to undertake some earthworks in the back yard.  I’m wondering if it is because he saw the boys digging a hole (where I am trying to re-establish the lawn) looking for worms that he thought it looked fun enough to try himself?


Diesel vs The Lemon Tree…


Oh yes!  My special pup Diesel. What can I say? The temptation of a freshly potted lemon tree with the luscious taste and smell of cow manure was just too much. Lucky for Diesel the damage was superficial but I think I will be getting the chicken wire out tomorrow.

Chicken wire my saviour in the veggie patch!!!


At It Again….

At It Again....

Diesel has been at it again! So I rescued the garlic bulbs and replanted them only to be lulled into a false sense of security. After a week, that’s right a week, Diesel decided he would get stuck into some gardening again. This time chicken wire will be going over the top and hopefully I will still get a crop. Fingers crossed!!!

Three male fish, the last of their kind, must find a mate or else go extinct (Treehugger)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the last of your kind?  Well these three fellas are actually in this predicament.  Thanks to humans destroying their native habitat the quest has turned to private aquariums and the likes to find a female.

Three male fish, the last of their kind, must find a mate or else go extinct